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The government released jobs report for October showed the hurricane-hit U.S. economy rebounding strongly, with the unemployment rate down now to 4.1%, the lowest level since 2000 with an add of 281,000 new jobs. According to independent polling, 39% of American Adults now believe the job market is better than it was a year ago. No wonder that confidence in the job market has risen to a new high which has spurred a confidence increase in the domestic economy.
Job openings in September largely held steady-near a record high of 6.1 million, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The underlying demand for workers is strong, with professional and business services-including staffing services-openings rising to 1.19 million, the highest in more than a year. Companies say there is a dearth of qualified workers as the economy approaches full employment.
Below are a number of qualified engineering candidates we are working with here at Finish Line Staffing. As always, please take a look and if you see a good fit, please contact our team today. And if you are looking for other candidates to fill roles in your organization, our team is ready to get working for you.

Principal Engineer
Candidate has a solid record of developing drug delivery and transfusion medicine products for North American and European markets and leading cross functional product development teams. Has demonstrated technical and business qualifications for product development ranging from high volume, low-cost commodity products to limited production of highly differentiated products. Candidate has also demonstrated strategic management expertise developing disruptive technologies utilizing international customer and vendor experience in both ‘start-up’ and large company environments. Experience in a variety of regulated industries including medical devices, aerospace and military equipment for the United States and Allied nations.

Engineering Technician
Candidate offers over 10 years of professional experience in the fields of electrical, electronic and telecommunication repair. Areas of expertise includes LTE, CDMA, GSM and RF Communication. Has served as an Avionics technician, laser diodes amplifier test tech, engineering technician, RF test technician/electronics technician and electrical/mechanical fiber optic tech. Candidate has time spent in the R & D and manufacturing department. Well accomplished in technical and trouble-shooting skills.

Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer with broad experience in product design, prototype development, documentation, manufacturing integration and lifecycle obsolesce support. Excellent interpersonal skills and compliance with company policies and requirements. PCB Circuit Design and Capture using Mentor Graphics DxDesigner, Cadence OrCad or Altium, and AutoCad. Candidate has experience in Electro-Mechanical prototyping, PCB debug and verification, power interfacing, communication protocols, instrumentation monitoring and safety systems, testing, verification and validation, data analysis, assembly, wiring and soldering.

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