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Analyzing Job Hoppers

CBS reported recently that Millennials are job hopping more than previous generations. The phrase “job hopping” may make potential employees sound fickle, distracted, or unreliable, but in all honesty, this group of workers is more complicated than people realize.  Here are some things to consider when looking at job hoppers’ applications. Who hires job hoppers?

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Candidate Profiles

Below are some profiles of qualified candidates that may be able to fill some of your business objectives: Senior Electrical Engineer: Experience in analog, digital, power electronics and RF circuit design experience, designing process control instrumentation, industrial controllers and capital equipment. Designed and implemented new products from design concept to prototype, pre-production to design verification

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Advanced Manufacturing Sector Shows Growth in Jobs Report

Happy August from Finish Line Staffing Services Last week’s jobs report pretty much met analysts’ expectations. We continue to see traction in retail, healthcare, professional and technical services as well as employment in the financial sector. We also saw a continued rise in the foodservice industry.  One sector caught our eye here at Finish Line

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